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August|Sneak Peek

“August, or “Gus” as he is known, was born with a very rare and complex heart disease. Among branch pulmonary stenosis (a severe narrowing of the arteries that lead to his lungs), Gus also faced 4 other serious conditions within his heart and a few issues in other areas of his body.

During a second opinion appointment with some of the best cardiologists in the country we were told that Gus was in complete heart failure and that a surgery to save his live would be extremely complicated but that without it, he would not survive.

After several setbacks including a massive sepsis infection that left him on the breathing machine for 2 weeks, Gus eventually showed us (and the whole wide world!) that he was more than ready for an open heart surgery that would save his life! He was about to show us what our faith in action could do…and did he ever!

As of Monday, August’s most recent echo looked “phenomenal,” even showing parts of his heart that were still a concern ‘look better than before.’ August is currently ‘finding his voice,’ playing with toys, fake coughing, and just started eating baby food from a spoon! The hand of God is on our boy and we are so grateful for his life and all that is in store for his future!” -Jeni, August’s Mom

and purchase a beautiful macrame piece designed specifically for August by @torimacrame. For every heart design purchased $10 will be donated to the families of children currently in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit).

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